Tooling Design & Consulting for:

  • CPC molds
  • LPC molds
  • HPDC molds
  • Gravity die casting
  • Injection molding
  • Casting simulations

Put Our Engineering Experience On Your Side!

VIMANA Engineering Ltd. is an engineering and services office representative of Anderson Group of Companies, focused on developing foundry tools and casting processes setup. Located in Pleven, Bulgaria, a city well known not only with the great history, but also with long traditions in foundry equipment design and production, we put our experience on your side and give an advantage to your tooling and casting business. Our individual approach to every single task and project, combined with precise tooling production in Anderson Global facilities, guarantees an excellent casting quality and mechanical properties of the samples and mass production parts.

We are experienced in structural and suspension parts design, tooling, simulations and production, serving a variety of industries: automotive, powertrain, defense, etc.

Our service includes:

  • Counter pressure casting tooling design
  • Low pressure permanent mold design
  • High pressure die casting tooling design
  • Gravity die casting tooling design
  • Injection molds tooling design
  • Casting simulations
  • Casting technology setup on customer’s site
  • Casting problems troubleshooting
  • Consulting